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Actived: Friday Nov 27, 2020

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Coupon | Definition of Coupon by Oxford Dictionary on

‘When I just checked out the site I got a pop up window offering me a free book of money off coupons for their products.’ ‘Catching a red fish is rewarded with a discount coupon, which is great sport for the kids.’ ‘Visitors will get a chance to win discount coupons by participating in musical activities and spot contests.’

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Coupon | Synonyms of Coupon by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico

What is the definition of coupon? What is the meaning of coupon? How do you use coupon in a sentence? What are synonyms for coupon?

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Gift Coupon | Definition of Gift Coupon by Oxford

‘Rather than give cash or a gift that they may not need, people have started presenting friends and relatives with gift coupons.’ ‘Incentives, such as a bonus, time off, or gift coupons, can influence worker production.’ ‘Selecting a gift can be tricky, which is why gift coupons are becoming popular this festive season.’

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Redeem | Definition of Redeem by Oxford Dictionary on

‘This might take the form of a card or coupon to be redeemed during the fall hunting season for 10 percent off any purchase.’ ‘The coupon can be redeemed automatically by using the device itself to pay for the transaction.’ ‘They are then sent an electronic ‘voucher’ which can be redeemed in shops across the UK.’

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Discount | Definition of Discount by Oxford Dictionary on

‘The designer outlets offer permanent discounts, with up to 50% off and all merchandise sold is stock surplus to the high street stores.’ ‘The 5 per cent special discount offered by the general insurance companies is expected to be phased out.’

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Redeemable | Definition of Redeemable by Oxford Dictionary

‘In-store promotions will include instant redeemable coupons good for $1 off on hosiery, tights or socks.’ ‘Tickets are redeemable at a number of cinemas across the capital.’ ‘One gallery I know gave a $10 "check" to its customers which was redeemable at a non-competitive business in the area.’

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Rebate | Definition of Rebate by Oxford Dictionary on

‘My 85 years old mother refuses to claim Pension Credit as she says that she will not be any better off as she will lose her rent and council tax rebates.’ ‘In particular, we analysed the six fundamental types of consumer promotion: coupons, rebates and refunds, sampling, loyalty and loading devices, sweepstakes, and premiums.’

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Win | Definition of Win by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico.com

‘All you have to do to win this incredible prize is collect the coupons and fill in the answers to each evening's questions.’ Synonyms secure , gain, achieve, attain, earn, obtain, acquire, procure, get, collect, pick up, walk away with, walk off with, come away with, carry off

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Clip | Definition of Clip by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico

‘What I do is clip the blooms off once they are spent, and just leave the tops alone until they are yellow and wilted.’ ‘When this new growth reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet, clip the tip off, this will force it to start putting on lateral branches.’ ‘After the flower fades, clip it off, leaving the green foliage.’

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Strip | Definition of Strip by Oxford Dictionary on Lexico

‘Realizing this, we strip off our clothes and dance through the yard.’ ‘Once I get home, I strip off my clothes, toss them into the hamper and shower.’ ‘On an impulse you strip off all your clothes, swim into the centre of the lake and turn onto your back.’ ‘Quickly stripping down to my underwear and bra, I dashed towards my

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