10 Reasons To Start A Trust | HowStuffWorks

While trust funds, or trusts, may seem the province of the wealthy, there are actually many benefits to creating them, even if you're not a multimillionaire.Trusts can help you manage your property and assets, make sure they are distributed after your death according to your wishes, and save your family money, time and paperwork.. Simply put, a trust is legal document established by an

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How do store coupons work? | HowStuffWorks

You cut coupons out of newspapers and magazines, take them to the store and use them to get discounts on certain products. A coupon is the same as cash. For example, if you have a $1.00 off coupon on a box of cereal, the cashier takes the coupon as though it were cash. It's not that common any more, but some stores will even double a coupon's

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2: Go Where the Sales Are - 10 Extreme Coupon Tips for

Some grocery stores double the savings value of coupons when you use them. For example, if you have a coupon for 50 cents off a package of lunch meat, the store will give you $1 off when you check out. See if any stores in your area offer this perk and take advantage!

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8: Turn Couponing into a Cottage Industry - 10 Extreme

Both have pros and cons. Organizing by category, for example, will take more time upfront, but your coupons will be easier to find when you come across a deeply discounted product begging for a $1.00/1 or B2G1 (One Dollar Off or Buy 2 Get One) coupon to defray the cost down to a only a few cents.

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1: Buy Items You Use - 10 Extreme Coupon Tips for Normal

As you become an extreme couponer, it's important to remember to only purchase items you'll use. Don't buy 15 cans of tuna because you can get a great if you don't like tuna and will never eat what you bought (unless you want to donate the cans to a good cause -- then go ahead).

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2: Arrange Your Coupons - 5 Tips for Creating a Coupon

Simply gather up all your coupons and sort them according to the categories you've chosen for your coupon binder. It's easiest to spread everything out on a flat surface, create your piles, then transfer everything to the coupon binder at once, rather than paging through each section and adding the coupons one at a time.

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Should you pay down your mortgage as fast as you can

It's an old fact, but one that still holds true -- a home is the biggest investment that most people make in their lifetimes [source: Sun Sentinel].And thanks to a cash-wrenching recession and widespread unemployment, many people are paying off debt as quickly as they can, for better financial security and peace of mind.So why not pay off the mortgage as fast as possible, too?

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Tips for Avoiding the Retail Clothing Markup - How to Buy

Bloomingdale's often offers 20 percent off coupons to cardholders, while Nordstrom marks down regular-price merchandise during its Anniversary Sale. Get to know a sales associate at your favorite stores to help you take advantage of the best deals and markdowns.

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How Ponzi Schemes Work | HowStuffWorks

In the 1920s, whenever a generous person wanted to send a piece of mail overseas, he or she would probably also buy an international reply coupon.This was handy for the recipient because it was a voucher that paid for the postage required to reply back to the sender.

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How do CDs (certificates of deposit) work? | HowStuffWorks

­Although CDs grow faster than savings accounts, they're just as safe. That's because they're protected with the same insurance as other bank accounts are -- under the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).As long as you're with an FDIC-insured bank, at least a portion of your funds is protected in case the bank goes under.Typically, all of your funds up to $100,000 would be refunded.

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How Treasury Bills Work | HowStuffWorks

Until 1998, not all bidders received the same discount rate. Rates used to vary according to a range of accepted bids above the so-called cut-off yield. The bidders closest to this cut-off received the highest returns, while people who bid higher (that is, demanded a lower discount rate) got what they asked for and received fewer returns.

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