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Actived: Sunday Jan 17, 2021


Did Nicole Kidman make peace with her daughter? - Somag News

Is Nicole Kidman finally reconciled with her daughter years after their estrangement? This detail sows doubt. Very recently, the editorial ‘of melty returned to the real reasons for the divorce between Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and a cheating with a famous actress would seem to be part of it.

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Epic Games: Halloween Promotion Offers Up To 75% Off

About a week into Halloween, the Epic Games Store released its “scary” promotion to commemorate the date, with several titles getting up to 75% off. The offers started yesterday (22), and will continue until November 5th and it is still possible to use store coupons to purchase games and add-ons with a value of R $ 59.99 and up.

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10 tech news to get you started (09/17) - Somag News

For readers who love a good deal, Amazon’s discount coupons page offers a variety of products and great discounts. See Also 10 tech news to get you started (09/18)

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7.1 Update of PUBG Arrives on Test Servers with Renewed

For example; gamers can now stop pairing while browsing other menus. In addition, the network indicator icons that we encounter during the game are also removed. In addition, you can now see the number of other players who have recently left the game, and blue coupons can now be easily converted to BP.

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Alexa Dellanos Drops Her Robe And Teaches That She Sleeps

Dellanos has based her popularity on the short attire she uses to show off her steel legs, her flat abdomen or her great rear. Days ago the 23-year-old celebrity decided to reward the loyalty of her fans by teaching her what she wears for sleep: a lace lingerie that only covers the essentials and highlights her neckline.

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Ex-Amazon Manager: Turning Off Smart Speaker Alexa in

Whether Amazon’s smart speaker Alexa eavesdropping on people’s conversations has always been the subject of debate. A former employee of the U.S. company said that he completely turned Alexa off at special moments when he didn’t want to rest. Robert Frederick, an e-commerce giant Amazon’s former manager of cloud computing services Amazon Web Services, said […]

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Keanu Reeves goes back to the '90s with a shaved head

Of course, his latest hair transformation is for a role in a movie. Keanu, 56, shaved off his dark hair to reprise his role as Neo in the latest installment of the Matrix franchise. The main star has been filming in locations in Berlin, Germany, for four months as cameras began filming again amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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