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Actived: Monday Mar 1, 2021

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Wix Promo Code | 2020 Coupons & Discounts | Wix.com

Everyone Loves a Good Deal. Use this Wix promo code to get a discount on a Yearly Premium Plan, excluding any taxes. Enter the promo code during checkout to upgrade your website today. Start Now. Promo_Code_animate_GIF_MOBILE_TAKE10.

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Managing Coupons | Help Center | Wix.com

Wix Stores Request: Uploading Multiple Coupons at Once in Wix Stores Wix Stores Request: Conditional Discounts Applied Automatically Wix Stores Request: Create a "Buy One, Get One 50% Off" Coupon

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Promotions & Vouchers | Help Center | Wix.com

Redeeming Your Free Premium Apps. Wix Promotions. Using Your Free 1 Year Domain Voucher. Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Mailbox Sale - Save 50%. Show more. Feature Requests. Request: Purchasing a Gift Card for a Premium Plan. Request: Discounts for Multiple Premium Plans. Show more.

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Increase Your Sales | Marketing Your Online Store | Wix

Coupons are a great way to introduce new customers to your store, reward and encourage loyal shoppers, and increase sales. With Wix, you can create 5 types of coupons: . Offer a fixed price discount, such as $10 off an item . Offer a discount as a percentage, like 20% off . Reward your customers with free shipping

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Introduction | REST API Reference | Wix.com

With the Coupons API, you can integrate with the store owner's coupon management in their Wix store to create, delete, get, check and query the site owner's coupons. Coupon Types. Wix supports the following types of coupons: $ discount - a.k.a. moneyOff, a fixed discount amount % discount - a.k.a. percentOff, a discount as a % (e.g., 20% off)

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Use cases | REST API Reference | Wix.com

This use case describes creating a coupon that grants a flat discount of 5 (currency is taken from the Wix site's settings) off a purchase. Coupon details include: coupon code: ABC, Active upon creation: true, Total usage limit: 10 uses, Valid from: April 1, 2019 12:00:00 AM, Valid until: April 3, 2019 11:59:59 PM.

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Bulk Creating Coupon Codes | Corvid by Wix

Hi, I need to create 1000 unique coupon codes which provide the customer with a 100% off voucher (giving away a free sample). The codes need to be unique though. Is there a way to insert codes in bulk into the data table? Any help to do this would be massively appreciated. Thanks

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createCoupon - Velo API Reference - Wix.com

The createCoupon() function returns a Promise that resolves to the ID of the the newly created coupon after it has been successfully created.. When creating a coupon, the specified couponInfo object must contain a value for exactly 1 of the following coupon properties. This defines the coupon type. "moneyOffAmount" "percentOffRate" "fixedPriceAmount"

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Marketing/coupons collection added mysteriously | Velo by Wix

I went to delete and re-build my only collection and dataset and saw a new "marketing" app with "coupons" collection had been added. Is this a new Corvid thing? I can't delete the collection because of the added marketing app. How do I get rid of it?

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Managing Products and Collections | Help Center | Wix.com

Managing Products and Collections. Articles. Wix Stores: Creating a Physical Product. Wix Stores: Creating a Digital Product. Wix Stores: Adding and Customizing Product Options. Wix Stores: Adding Images, GIFs, and Videos to Products. Wix Stores: Creating a Promotional Video for a Product in Your Store.

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